Getting fat in the Edmonton River Valley

Here is a few pictures from a recent fat bike ride though the Edmonton river valley.  It was around -20 celsius in the afternoon, but being layer correctly made it possible to be out for almost 3 hours without getting cold.

The fat bike has been a real game changer for me during the winter.  I’m constantly amazed at what these bikes can do, although they aren’t without limitations.

More on the fat bike later.

IMG_20150111_152253 IMG_20150111_153220 IMG_20150111_153909


GoPro Hero2

So I ended up with a number of Future Shop gift cards.  I’ve wanted to get a good adventure camera for a while, but couldn’t bring myself to spend that much cash on such a device.  With the gift cards I could more easy splurge on the gadget.

I’ve got plans to take it on some adventures in the spring and summer.  For now I took it on an afternoon of mountain biking.

It’ll take some time to get used to how best use this camera.  Minimizing vibrations and pointing the camera accurately will be important in producing good video.

Here is my first test video.