Getting fat in the Edmonton River Valley

Here is a few pictures from a recent fat bike ride though the Edmonton river valley.  It was around -20 celsius in the afternoon, but being layer correctly made it possible to be out for almost 3 hours without getting cold.

The fat bike has been a real game changer for me during the winter.  I’m constantly amazed at what these bikes can do, although they aren’t without limitations.

More on the fat bike later.

IMG_20150111_152253 IMG_20150111_153220 IMG_20150111_153909


Goals for 2015

I spent much of 2014 working to improve my everyday lifestyle.  The main goals were to live closer to work, closer to city recreation areas, and closer to amenities.  This really all boils down to wanting to drive less.  With this completed, I’ll be returning my focus to pursuing outdoor interests.

With that out of the way, here is the list:

  • Summit two peaks.  I’ve got a few ideas, but they will be in the Rockies or Alps.
  • Complete 1 half marathon.  Looks like it will be Portland.
  • multi-week bike tour.  Switzerland to the Netherlands via the Rhine river.
  • One backpacking trip somewhere in Kananaskis.
  • An epic road ride on Hwy 40 when it’s closed in the spring/early summer.
  • Fast pack the Skyline trail in Jasper.
  • Possibly an ultra-marathon.  I’m thinking of trying the Blackfoot Ultra.

Now time to see how many can be checked off the list.  This winter i’ll be concentrating on increasing the intensity of my training via primary running, but also riding the fat bike.  In addition i’ll throw in a touch of xc skiing as well.

Mill Creek Single Track