Getting fat in the Edmonton River Valley

Here is a few pictures from a recent fat bike ride though the Edmonton river valley.  It was around -20 celsius in the afternoon, but being layer correctly made it possible to be out for almost 3 hours without getting cold.

The fat bike has been a real game changer for me during the winter.  I’m constantly amazed at what these bikes can do, although they aren’t without limitations.

More on the fat bike later.

IMG_20150111_152253 IMG_20150111_153220 IMG_20150111_153909


Pigeon Lake day ride

For those of you in the Edmonton area looking for a nice day long bike ride in the area, consider Pigeon Lake.

I had been looking for a day long bike ride in the edmonton area with the following criteria.

  • Low traffic
  • Something with a bit of scenery
  • Within an hour drive of Edmonton

What I came up with is a ride around the perimeter of the Pigeon Lake.  It seemed to fit all my criteria, not too far from Edmonton, mostly quiet cottage roads, and a reasonably nice lake to look out onto.

I was not disappointed.  Considering the options in the area, this is a great ride and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a good day long mini-adventure of sorts.  An even better idea would be to camp at either Pigeon Lake provincial campground, or next door at Zeiner provincial park.

The route I took requires riding of a mixture of dirt road and paved road, with even a bit of double track mixed in for good measure.  I only need to go on the highway for one short stretch, however it was all downhill with reasonable shoulders.  This was just before Zeiner park.  A nice feature of this route is that all the quiet cottage roads are connected via multi-use paths.  The one part that may be difficult is getting onto the Pigeon Lake Provincial Campground multi-use trails.  I had to ride though a christian bible camp of some sort in order to get into the park.  I’m unsure if there is a better way to do this.  My direction of travel was clockwise.

I’ve posted a map of my route below and you can download my gpx track here.  Total distance is around 55km with only about 260m of minor uphill ascent.

[map style=”width: 800px; height:600px; margin:20px 20px 20px 20px; border: 1px solid black;” maptype=”OSM” bike=”yes” gpx=””%5D