Ogre Bikepacking Setup

I’ve been getting the Ogre ready for some bikepacking later this summer.

Ogre in Bikepacking Mode

The first piece of gear I got was a custom frame bag which my mother sewed up for me.  The sides are made from Terrain X-Pac, with the edges made from 1050 denier coated ballistic nylon.  Here is a picture of the bag.  I’ve used it several times lately and have to say that I’m very surprised about how much it holds.


In addition to the frame bag, I’ve purchased two handlebar bags from Oveja Negra threadworks.  I have the ‘Lunchbox Handlebar Gear Bag‘ and the ‘Front End Loader Handlebar Drybag Mount‘.  One will go on my bike and one will go on the wife’s Troll.

I’m still deciding whether I should invest in a seat bag or just strap a drybag to a rear rack.

Later this summer I’ll post an update about how this works out.




2 thoughts on “Ogre Bikepacking Setup

  1. Logan December 1, 2013 / 7:44 am

    Hey, nice bag. A random question: Did that patch get sewn on or ironed? I was curious as to whether they would stick to Xpac, and the stuff’s too expensive for trial an error.


    • Mark December 2, 2013 / 10:34 pm


      The patch is sewn on. I tend to agree that it probably wouldn’t stick to well to the xpac material since I doubt it would ‘soak in’ any adhesive.


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