Several months ago I stumbled upon a very interesting American website,  The website offers visitors a unified view of outdoor activities offered by various government organizations.  Some of the activities covered include hiking, camping, boating, biking, and cabin rentals.  The site is well designed, looking more like a commercial website than a typical website hosted by the government.

The item that caught my eye the most was the fire lookout and cabin rentals.  As it turns out, various government agencies in the US rent out unused assets, ranging from very rustic cabins only accessible by foot, to road side properties with running water and electricity.  What a great idea!  Rates are very reasonable ranging from around $30 a night to $50 for the more luxurious facilities.  I assume the US government must use this income to help maintain these buildings.

Bear Creek Cabin Diamond Butte Lookout McCart Lookout Vigilante Cabin

I will be staying a few nights at the Swan Lake Guard station in Montana this summer.  Look for a post on how this turned out later in the year.

Swan Lake Guard Station

I wish the Canadian government had such a service.  Staying in a commercial cabin here can often cost well over a hundred dollars a night , sometimes even several hundred.  Staying in a fire lookout is out of the question as far as I know.  If I am mistaken and anyone knows of a similar program in Canada please fill me in.

If you live in the US or are planning on traveling to the US, why not check it out?


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