On-One Pompetamine Commuter Build – Part 2

Just a quick update on the Pompetamine build.

I went down to our local community bicycle shop, BikeWorks to install the headset and crown race.  Everything went fairly smooth with only a couple of minor hiccups.  The top of the head tube is every so slightly out of round so it was a bit challenging to get the headset to press in straight.  The other minor problem I met was that I picked the wrong adapter for the crown race installation tool.  After trying to set the crown race it jammed inside the adapter.  After a few taps with the hammer the adapter fell off.  I selected a different adapter then all was good.

I’m going to try a standard riser bar for now but i’m tempted to try a On-One Mary Bar, or a Surly Moloko Bar.

So as you can see i’ve installed the Alfine crank, shifter, as well as Avid brake leavers and one of the BB7 calipers.

Next week I will attempt to build the wheels.  I expect that being a challenge since it will be my first time.

See part 3 here.


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