Pacific Coast Tour 2012

This September the wife and I cycled down the west coast for three weeks. We flew into Portland and cycled down to San Francisco. In total it was just under 1400km of cycling. We camped in state parks most nights and stayed in the odd motel here and there. We used the ACA maps which worked nicely.

It was a great trip, however I won’t detail everything on this blog since there are probably hundreds of trip reports on the internet for this route. Instead I’ll list a few random notes that might be helpful for others.

  • To get out of Portland we took the commuter train to Hillsboro, headed south to Meadow Lake Road and then stayed on that until getting to the 101. Click here to find the a nice map of this; it’s route 3 on this page. There is a long 2000 foot hill to climb on this route but the reward is nice camping and low amounts of traffic.
  • Towns we liked
    • Pacific City
    • Newport (Rouge Brewery is just down a bike path from South Beach State Park)
    • Bandon. They have a very nice local wharf area.
    • Fort Bragg
    • Point Arena. We took a day off here and stayed at the Wharf Masters Inn to treat ourselves. I’d highly recommend this Inn.
    • Bodega Bay
  • Stay clear of North Bend. It had a some shady characters hanging around, it’s not near the water, and there is nothing to do or see.
  • For seeing the redwoods, the Avenue of the Giants was awesome, however the Newton B Drury parkway road was spectacular. It seemed like we were biking for 20-30mins downhill, winding though redwoods with little traffic.
  • Road conditions were generally nice in Oregon. They had good shoulders most of the time with good road surfaces.
  • California has a few real sketchy stretches where there is a fair bit of traffic and very little to no shoulder. Not for the faint of heart.

[map style=”width: 640px; height:480px; margin:20px 20px 20px 20px; border: 1px solid black;” maptype=”ROADMAP” gpx=” Coast Tour 2012.GPX” download=”no”]


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