On-One Pompetamine Commuter Build

Next year I would like to start commuting to work via bicycle at least 2-3 times a week.  I’ve decided to build a custom bike during the winter to use for this purpose.

My criteria were the following:

  1. <$1000 cost
  2. Disk brakes
  3. Tires around 35c or so
  4. Single speed or internal hub

On-One had a nice sale on their UK web store and I ended up picking up the Pompetamine frame and fork for $250 USD shipped to Canada.  Not a bad deal.

I’ve been shopping for parts lately, picking up deals as I see them.  So far the build looks like this.

  • Alfine 8 hub.  I managed to get the newer SG-501 version for $225 CAD.
  • Mavic 319 rims
  • Avid BB7’s
  • Alfine crankset

Looking back I should have purchased the On-One Mary bar with the frame since I would like to try an ‘alt bar’.  Ordering it now would cost too much in shipping.  I might end up going with a Surly Moloko bar or even go with a standard mountain bike riser bar, who knows.

I’ll do a few build posts as I start putting everything together.

See part 2 here.




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