Surly Ogre + Troll

Yesterday I ordered a Surly Ogre and a Surly Troll.

Why on earth would I order both an Ogre and a Troll might you ask?  Well the Troll is for my wife who is about 5′ 3″, so I figured a 26″ wheeled bike would be more suitable, the Ogre is for myself.

I’ll be getting these bikes later this winter and then setting them up for some bikepacking during next summer.  I also plan to use the Ogre for some occasional winter biking.  My wife will use the Troll as an urban bike as well, with one set of wheels for dirt and another for pavement.

Trips will mostly be overnight or a couple of days long in the Kananaskis, Banff, and Jasper areas.  I’d also like to complete at least a small part of the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route.

Keep tuned as an initial review will be appearing in the future.


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